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Couple caught having sex in pub toilet pepper sprayed by police dragged out naked

A frisky couple who were caught having sex in a pub loo were pepper-sprayed by police and dragged out in the nude after they refused to stop.

Bar staff reported the 23-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man to police after “loud noises” were heard coming from the ladies’ toilet.

The couple, who had gone into the loo for a quickie at 8.30pm, then barricaded themselves in the cubicle and refused to come out.

But cops burst through the toilet door at the Stanley Jefferson pub in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

Editor's Reply: Friends, if you have done something similar, please post about it in the comments below!

British woman arrested after stripping on a plane and performing a sex act - on herself

A British woman was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in an aircraft after she stripped off on a flight from Jamaica - and started performing a solo SEX ACT.

The 46-year-old woman from south-west London was nicked when her British Airways flight landed at Gatwick Airport on March 19, from Kingston, Jamaica.

It was alleged that she had disrupted the flight and indecently exposed herself.

She was given a police caution for being drunk on an aircraft.

Flasher Gets Boiling Water Thrown At From Bikini Barista

A man dressed in woman’s underwear and exposing himself drove up to a Parkland espresso stand three times before one of the baristas threw a cup of boiling water at him, said the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. Jamae Feddock, a bikini clad barista at Java Girls, said she first thought the man dressed in women’s underwear and exposing himself was a sick joke, until the man came back several times.

Worlds Biggest Condom - Condomfiere

The French have unveiled their latest weapon in the battle against STDs: a 120-foot helium-filled rubber.

The flying machine is known as "Condomfiere" and a group known as CondomFly are hoping it will be the "Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex." This monster seats three people plus a pilot.

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Goa village bans public kissing as it irritates local residents

Banner saying public kissing is banned in Salvador do Mundo village of Goa
A Goan village has banned kissing in public, saying it causes irritation to residents.

Reena Fernandes, deputy sarpanch of Salvador do Mundo, a picturesque village located a short distance from Panaji, said that the decision was taken by the village panchayat based on requests from locals.

"There were a lot of unwanted things happening there (Salvador do Mundo) and causing irritation to people," Fernandes said, adding the decision was taken earlier this month.

The ban on kissing, drinking alcohol, playing loud music in public in the village came under the spotlight after photos of a banner, printed and hoisted in public places in Salvador do Mundo, went viral on social media.

The banner reads: "Commit no nuisance, visitors keep our village clean, drinking alcohol, smoking, loud music, kissing in public, nuisances in public are strictly prohibited here."

Editor's Note: Friends, what do you think about the Panchayat's decision? Please post in the comments below.

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Orgy video on WhatsApp lands four boys in the soup

Cops nab teens in Pune after friend reports video that shows them engaged in sexual acts at a garden circulated as 'proof'; notably, case not filed under Section 377 of IPC.

Four boys are cooling their heels at an observation home for the last 10 days after a video displaying them engaged in sexual acts was reported to police.

After one of the boys uploaded the video on to their 'Worldly Affairs' group on WhatsApp, it spread like wildfire in their locality in Khadki as well as outside it. All the boys and their friends are currently studying in various colleges in the city.

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Couple having sex on bike in Goa tracked by Cops via Facebook!

Couple from Madhya Pradesh, India who were seen indulging in promiscuous acts i.e. having sex while riding on a two-wheeler on the Mandovi bridge in Goa
A couple from Madhya Pradesh who were seen indulging in promiscuous acts while riding on a two-wheeler on the Mandovi bridge were slapped with a fine for rash and negligent driving by the police.

A member of the public posted the photo of the couple without helmets, with the woman straddling the rider from the front, on Facebook and circulated on Whatsapp. The police traced the owner of the rent-a-bike facility from the bike registration number and the couple to the hotel they were staying in.

Editor's Note: Friends, if you are in Goa or for that matter, at any other place, please...go get a room!

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Veena Malik's nude FHM cover controversy fabricated?

After giving 2 countries sleepless nights and either irate or awed fans much to 'ponder over', there's speculation that the controversy between Veena Malik and the FHM magazine was indeed fabricated and stirred for effect.

"Mumbai-based fashion designer and stylist Umair Zafar, who has done several shoots with controversial photographer Vishal Saxena, spilled the beans on the Veena Malik-FHM cover shoot controversy" reports a reliable source.

"A few days before the FHM cover was out, photographer Vishal Saxena told me to be prepared for a big 'dhamaka'," the source quotes Umair Zafar.

So this was all pre-planned?
"Veena Malik did the shoot topless with her hands covering the upper part of her body. She was wearing a bikini panty below, which was later on morphed and removed electronically by photographer Vishal Saxena. All this was pre-decided and agreed upon by all concerned. In order to save face and avoid the repercussions that it could have - both in Pakistan and in India and yet avail of all the publicity Veena Malik and FHM magazine had pre-decided that Veena Malik would send a defamation notice to the magazine and the magazine in turn would then send her a counter-notice. Yeah sab mili bhagat hein," Umair Zafar tells the source.

"The entire episode had been meticulously planned by Veena Malik, photographer Vishal Saxena and FHM magazine representatives. "Even the defamation notice was prepared in advance," tells Zafar.

Editor: If this entire controversy between Veena Malik and FHM was indeed fabricated, then 2 nations were taken for a ride. And quite immodestly too! We need more people like Veena Malik to "fool" us like this on a regular basis! Please post your views on this in the comments.

Sex With Office Seniors To Retain Jobs

This is a True story.

There were three females working in a particular department of a leading Media house in Pune. They were told that only one of them will be retained and that whoever gives the best "service" will keep the job and the other two will have to go. Giving the best "service" meant sleeping either with one of the senior managers or company clients almost on a daily basis. Since one of the three females was married, she opted out and resigned. The other two had to offer their services for almost a month after which BOTH got fired!

Because of this incident, none of the two girls are getting invited by their "normal" friends at their homes or any other place. One of the two girls is now taking Psychiatric help. And she told the Psychiatrist that this is pretty much the "trend" in most companies.

Another incident. Both husband wife are working. The husbands salary goes into paying all the EMI's and the wife's salary is used to run the house. Once the wife was told in the office that she is going to get fired and the only way to retain her job is to entertain her seniors and company clients. She told about this to her husband who was "OK" with this and she then went ahead with the offer to retain her job.

Friends, I would like to know your opinion on the incidents mentioned above. Would you sleep with your male/female boss to retain your job? Please post about it in the comments. Thanks.

Sunny Leone offered porn film based on Bigg Boss

An American porn company wants to cash in on Sunny Leone's Indian stint and make a XXX film that has a theme based on the Bigg Boss house.

The US porn industry, which caters to a world wide audience, is known to derive inspiration from various aspects of the pop culture. Sunny's entry on the Indian reality show has created a new interest for her. Having Indian roots has worked in Leone's favour.

A source reveals, "The porn film will have Sunny as a reality show participant entering the house and having sex with other contestants that include men and women. They plan to shoot the film once Leone goes back to California after Bigg Boss ends."

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