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Sex Advice: 40-year-old man doesnt feel like having sex with wife

Question. I am a 40-year-old married man with a 35-year-old wife. For the last few years I don't feel like having sex with her. She too has put on a lot of weight. But I do love her. I can't continue having sex for more than five minutes. This is affecting our married life. I have already seen a doctor and done tests, but the results are clean. What should I do?

Answer. Please go for walks with her and request her to reduce her weight. Five minutes of intercourse, however, is a very good average. You need to have sex more frequently with a lot of foreplay - digitally stimulate the genital organs till she reaches orgasm. This will help you stop worrying and regain your desire.

Sex Advice: Woman experiencing a stinging sensation when urinating after sexual intercourse

Question. I am a 29-year-old woman and I am happily married. My partner does not satisfy me sexually, so I resort to masturbation very often. I experience a stinging sensation when I urinate after we engage in sexual intercourse, even though he is not very big and sex is not uncomfortable during the act, I can barely feel it, in fact. Please help.

Answer. Increase your fluid intake - perhaps it will help. Start doing Kegel exercises daily. Check online for details. A urine test will help to identify if there is any infection. Regarding the lack of sensation in the vagina, try out different positions.

Sex Advice: Is it possible for members of the LGBTQ community to have enduring relationships?

Question. My girl recently introduced our family to her partner and while we are trying to be supportive, I have some concerns. Is it possible for members of the LGBTQ community to have enduring relationships? Also, will my daughter pick up a disease?

Answer. As in a man-woman relationship, a girl-girl relationship can be long-lasting. Regarding the diseases, it depends upon the partner's behaviour. The risk is the same as it would have been in a man-woman relationship.

Sex Advice: Womans reaction to the sexual act is a bit apprehensive due to a child abuse incident

Question. I am a 34-year-old woman and am in a steady relationship. My boyfriend loves me a lot. However, due to a child abuse incident, that I haven't discussed with him, my reaction to the sexual act is a bit apprehensive. Sometimes, I wonder if I am frigid. I don't want to betray my boyfriend by not telling him my problem, but I don't want to lose him either. I am very distressed. What should I do?

Answer. Let bygones be bygones. What happened to you was not your doing. You should remove any guilt feelings from your mind. There is no need to take the matter further with him. Rather, start enjoying the healthy relationship which you seem to have. If you need to, you may visit a counsellor.

Sex Advice: Can Cranberry juice be used to treat urinary tract infection?

Question. I am a 32-year-old man. Each time I masturbate, there is a slight burning sensation and an immediate desire to urinate. However, the burning sensation subsides after I urinate. Is this a urinary tract infection? Will cranberry juice from abroad resolve it? I am nervous.

Answer. You do not have an infection but, to be safe, have your urine analysis done. The burning sensation could be due to friction caused during masturbation. Apply a lubricant like oil before masturbating.

Sex Advice: Guy addicted to masturbation wants to orally satisfy himself

Question. I am a 19-year-old boy and I am highly addicted to masturbation. I have tried a lot of techniques, but I am afraid that I don't get as much satisfaction as I would like to. I have heard that through Tantra yoga you can learn to be flexible enough to orally satisfy yourself. Could you please tell me which asanas I need to practice to be able to achieve this? I would be immensely grateful.

Answer. While yoga is useful, I doubt that any asanas have been created for the purpose you are seeking. Visit a yoga expert for guidance. The yoga expert may also benefit from your research.

Sex Advice: Is it safe to consume the contraceptive pill every month?

Question. My girlfriend and I have sex once a month. She insists on having a contraceptive pill even though I use a condom. Is it safe to consume the pill every month?

Answer. The pill that she is taking is specifically designed as an emergency contraceptive pill and not used as a family planning measure for which a low dose hormone pill must be taken daily.

Sex Advice: Couple married for two years and have had only Oral sex

Question. I have been married for two years now. I am 28 years old and my wife is 27. Since our marriage, my wife and I have had only oral sex. We have never had sexual intercourse. Since the last week, though we have been trying to have sexual intercourse, I have not been able to penetrate her vagina at all. Can you please tell me what I can do? We would like to plan to have a child, which of course would be impossible to achieve without engaging in intercourse. I'm very troubled by this. Both of us want to have sexual intercourse. Also, my penis bends towards the left slightly. Is this the reason I'm having this problem?

Answer. The way your penis bends is not the reason. It is best to visit a sexpert who is familiar with treating unconsummated marriage. To prepare for a pregnancy, your wife should visit a gynecologist and you should have your sperm count done.

Sex Advice: Guy feeling guilty about masturbating on auntys bra while fantasising about her

Question. I am a 24-year old man. I recently visited my relative's house and I found myself feeling sexually attracted towards my beautiful aunty. Unfortunately, I could not have sexual intercourse with her. However, while I was bathing, I ended up masturbating on her bra. After this, I cleaned up the bra to avoid any trouble. I used her bra to fantasise about the two of us to some extent. I regret my behaviour. I am very sorry that I acted in this way and I have made up my mind not to repeat this behaviour again. But, I am also very worried. Now, I can't stop wondering whether I have picked up some infection by performing this act?

Answer. You are not infected because of what you did. But, be firm you will not do it again.

Sex Advice: Should 42-year-old lesbian open up with partner about her bisexuality?

Question. I am a 42-year-old lesbian. In the past I've had relationships with men but I didn't enjoy these at all. However, my family introduced me to a family friend recently. We're good friends, and we have even had sex. But, now, they are insisting that I get married to him. Should I be open with him about my bisexuality? Will our marriage work out?

Answer. You will have to decide which path you wish to take. Should you choose to marry this man even though your other tendency is stronger, then it can cause unhappiness amongst the two of you.


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