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Sex Advice: Woman not sexually attracted to fiance and keeps thinking about previous lover

Question. I recently got engaged, but am not sexually attracted to my fiance. I keep thinking about my previous lover. How can I stop thinking about him and enjoy my marital bed?

Answer. For a happy married life, sexual desire plays an important part. Also, you will have to decide whether you wish to marry or not.

Sex Advice: Boss not sharing details of his personal sex life with lady colleague

Question. I got a new job two years ago, and I now report to a male boss. He is married and has two children. I am married too, and have an 8-year-old son. My boss and I now share a physical relationship. Though I love my husband, he doesn't satisfy me the way my boss does, and I have now started to feel like I must maintain some distance from my husband. My boss does not share the details of his personal sex life with me, so I don't know if he feels the same way I do. What would you suggest?

Answer. Standing on two stools has never done anyone any good. I feel sorry that you have not enjoyed the pleasures as you are doing at present. Some of the hitches could be your husband and your boss's wife discovering the affair. This could lead to problems that may affect your son, and there could be other issues too. Please carefully weigh the pros and cons and then decide on a course of action.

Sex Advice: Guy worried about not having an erection for the last four years!

Question. I haven't had an erection for the last four years. However, I do not suffer from high blood sugar or have an enlarged prostrate, so I'm not sure I need to be worried. What should I do?

Answer. Wake up and visit a urologist.

Sex Advice: Guy 29 years old and would like to have sex

Question. I am a 29-year-old man and I would really like to have sex with an attractive woman. However, I don't know any women who would like to have sex with me. I don't want to visit a prostitute. I do masturbate, but I am desperate to know what it would be like to make love to a real woman. My family is even searching for a wife for me, but so far I have not met anyone. Should I just marry one of these women so that I can enjoy this pleasure? Please advise.

Answer. Marriage is a lifelong arrangement. Marry only the person you feel you will be sexually attracted to. In the meanwhile, enlarge your social circle; you may come across a person who satisfies your sexual desires.

Sex Advice: 20-year-old virgin woman worried about pregnancy after unsuccessful intercourse attempt

Question. I am 20-year-old woman and I am a virgin. But when I tried to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time, he could not penetrate completely as I was too tight and I was in a lot of pain during the act. But he did ejaculate a little inside me. There were no signs of any blood on his penis as he did not penetrate deep enough. Three hours later, I urinated and noticed blood in the urine. What could be the reason for this? Is my hymen torn? And should I have taken a contraceptive pill to be on the safer side? Do suggest what I should do.

Answer. Immediately take a contraceptive like an i-pill as there are chances of a pregnancy. The bleeding could have been from the splitting of the hymen or from him. In future, always wear a condom to be safe and sure.

Sex Advice: Would a routine blood test be enough to check for HIV?

Question. After how many days of exposure to the HIV virus, is the disease detectable? Would a routine blood test be enough to check for HIV?

Answer. There are rapid blood tests that may identify the virus within a few days. Presently, a test is advised in the first thirty days. Then, repeat the test after three months, and finally, at five or six months.

Sex Advice: 26-year-old man worried about penis discharging a liquid on a daily basis

Question. I'm a 26-year-old man and I have a problem that is very embarrassing for me. While sleeping, I find that my penis discharges a liquid on a daily basis. I am worried that this may pose a health problem that will affect me in the future.

Answer. What is the liquid that's leaking out? It may be urine. If not, it may be the result of lubrication as a result of sexual excitement, which will not harm you.

Sex Advice: 26-year-old married guy unable to get an erection

Question. I am a 26-year-old and have been married for over two years. My wife is 26 too. For a week now, I have been unable to get an erection, or when I do, I am unable to maintain it for long. Is this something to worry about?

Answer. Your why has to be found out. Possibly, anxiety has led to the problem. It's best you discuss this with a sexpert. Do not live with the fear.

Sex Advice: Man married for 18 years frustrated as wife not interested in sex

Question. I am a 43-year-old man and have been married for the last eighteen years. My wife is 40. In all the years we have been married, she has never been interested in sex. We have two children. For the last ten years, the two of us haven't had sex at all, ever. Once a month, my wife helps me to masturbate. I have tried talking to her many times about this, I have counselled her, gone on holidays with her and even prayed to God to change these circumstances. But it remains the same. She refuses to consult a doctor about the subject. Her argument is that sex is not important at all. Due to all of this, I developed a psychosomatic auto immune disorder, as it generated a lot of stress. Often, I find myself unnecessarily enraged with some little things my children may have done; I know this is for no real fault of theirs, just the result of my frustration. My wife is aware of this too. Given our situation, what would you advise me to do?

Answer. A family elder might be able to correct her rigid views, or a sex counsellor may be able to help. Continue to pray for God's help, and correct anything that irritates her about you, like perhaps the habit of not using a condom.

Sex Advice: Is it healthy and safe to have sex with a condom slipped over un-retracted foreskin?

Question. I have a tight foreskin which doesn't retract when the penis is erect. However, it does retract otherwise. Is it healthy and safe for me to have sex with a condom slipped over my un-retracted foreskin? Will this help penetrate the vagina painlessly? I await your guidance.

Answer. A condom will help you to avoid the discomfort. Attend to the problem by visiting a surgeon - circumcision, a simple procedure, may be recommended.


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