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Sex Advice: 24-year-old woman worried about foul-smelling and itchy vagina

Question. I'm 24 years old and have a strong odour in my vagina, which is sickening. I've written to you about this years back and you said I should wash it properly after urinating. This has not changed anything. A few days ago, I searched online about it and have learnt that there are many women who have a foul smelling vaginas, and it is due to a bacterial infection. What could be the cause for such an infection and how can I cure it? I experience strong itching in the affected area, which is also very embarrassing. I'm nervous and shy to visit a gynaec as I am a very private person. I avoid such conversations with my mom too.What should I do?

Answer. It's your choice, live with the odour or ask your mum to take you to a gynecologist. Meanwhile, apply Candid B cream.

Sex Advice: Married lady having query regarding follicular treatment

Question. I have been married for the last two years, and have tried a couple of contraceptive tablets. All my tests have been normal so far. My husband and I have been trying to start a family for about six months now. I visited a gynaecologist who did some follicular studies, but nothing has changed. I don't want to waste more time. Should I continue with the follicular treatment or try some natural method?

Answer. Have both partners been examined? If not, have that done immediately. Then, for six months, take a holiday from medication. A sexpert can suggest better ways to conduct your sexual life.

Sex Advice: 43-year-old woman having doubts after fertility tests

Question. I am a 43-year-old woman. I did some tests on the third day of my period to test my fertility levels - my FSH level was 5.29, estradiol was at 43.04 and progesterone was 1. Does that mean I am not a candidate?

Answer. I understand your problem. Put yourself in the hands of an IVF expert. Stop wasting your time thinking of the possibilities. Why not adopt a baby, thus saving yourself heavy expenses and improving your likelihood of having a child.

Sex Advice: Couple engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse regularly

Question. I am a 20-year-old man. My girlfriend and I engage in unprotected sexual intercourse regularly - we have sex thrice a month and never use protection. She did take a contraceptive tablet, but as far as I know, she has only taken this once. Her period is 22 days late this month, and we are, understandably, concerned about this. She has tested herself with a home pregnancy kit twice, and, on both occasions, the result was negative. However, we are still a little worried. What do you recommend we do to put our minds at ease?

Answer. Being careful before the action was important. Visit a gynaecologist immediately. A sonograph may help.

Sex Advice: Can porn addiction prevent a guy from getting turned on by his girlfriend?

Question. I watch pornographic videos regularly, and I always get aroused while watching these. I am writing to you because I am concerned that this porn addiction prevents me from getting turned on by my girlfriend. Is that a possibility? I tried remedying the problem by taking Charak's Neo tablet for premature ejaculation for two months, but it didn't help, and I experienced a lot of hair fall as a side effect of that tablet. Please tell me what pharmacological medicines home remedies I may take a course of in order to overcome this problem I have been experiencing. Do you believe that I need to undergo any pathology tests to gauge the reason behind my hair fall and the problem with arousal and maintenance of an erection? Could the hair fall indicate that the problem may be a low testosterone level?

Answer. The possibility is there. I suggest that the both of you consult a sexpert. He or she will be able to guide you and offer tips on how to improve.

Sex Advice: 57-year-old married man stuck between lover and wife

Question. I am a 57-year-old, married man. I have been involved with a friend, a 51-year-old widow, for the last five years. Over the last six months, we have grown very close. However, while we do get intimate in many ways, she is reluctant to have sexual intercourse. She says that she has no interest in sex, and that she hasn't engaged in it ever since she lost her husband 14 years ago. As we are in love, we cannot part ways, and if I try to stay away from her and avoid her phone calls, she gets affected very deeply. I fear that she may suffer from depression again - she suffered from depression after the demise of her husband, and is still under medication for it. All of this has made me lose interest in having sex with my wife, and whenever my wife wants to have sex, I cannot satisfy her. Besides, when my penis is erect, she denies me intercourse. So, both arrangements are not working for me. Please help.

Answer. Being Sir Galahad and paying attention to your love while forgetting your duties to your wife is not fair. The least you can do is to equalise the relationships. Please satisfy your wife's desires.

Sex Advice: 24-year-old virgin having doubts on how to use a condom

Question. I am a 24-year-old virgin and I have no trouble masturbating. But when I checked online to learn how to use a condom, a site said you need to push your foreskin up while putting it on. But my foreskin doesn't go up completely. Will this cause a problem in my future sex life? Do I need to be circumcised?

Answer. Do not jump to conclusions. You may first need to meet your doctor. A simple procedure may be all that is necessary. Or, he may advise you to meet a surgeon. Either way, your future will get better.

Sex Advice: Lady finds penetration excruciating and whole body starts to vibrate because of the trauma

Question. I am a 41-year-old woman. My boyfriend and I do share many moments of physical intimacy, and we try many different things. I do find these pleasurable, but whenever he tries to take things further and insert his penis in my vagina, I find it excruciating, and my whole body starts to vibrate because of the trauma. I also believe my heart beat slows down. This is preventing my boyfriend and me from enjoying our sex life properly. Please tell me what may be causing this. Can you recommend any pills that would make the process easier and painless?

Answer. I suggest you visit a gynaecologist. In the meanwhile, apply lox jelly. Apply a little of this in the vagina - ΒΌ finger inside the vagina and around it. Then, wait for 15 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Sex Advice: 38-year-old man experiencing a sharp decline in libido and performance time

Question. I am a 38-year-old man. For the last few months I have been experiencing a sharp decline in my libido and also in my performance time, i.e. the amount of time I am able to maintain an erection for. I don't even get regular morning erections anymore. There has been no change in my schedule, lifestyle or diet, and I am not under any unusual amount of work related pressure either. I have been applying MG5 topical solution for hair growth. Could the use of that solution result in these side effects? What medicine can I take so that my libido may recover, and I can go back to having a healthy sex life?

Answer. Stop taking all other medicines. One of them can cause a problem. Recheck with a specialist about the cause of your problem.

Sex Advice: Couple married for 23 years but have limited sex life

Question. My wife and I have been married for 23 years, but have limited sex life. All these years we have only had sex on 'safe days' as I don't like using condoms. We are going on a vacation and want to have more sex. I am 49 and my wife is 44. When we try to have sex, I don't always get an erection. Kindly recommend some medication for better erections so that we may engage in sex more frequently. My wife would require some medicine too, as she is not much interested in sex.

Answer. Why not visit a sexpert who will help both of you to have more enjoyable sex by discussion, examination and medication. Start with tablet Vigomax forte (1 tablet before food, for six weeks). Your wife may take one capsule of Vivadona (Charak) before food, twice a day, for six weeks. And, think of ways to improve your relations with her.


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