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Sex Advice: 18-year-old guy worried about boil on his penis

Question. I'm an 18-year-old man. I had a boil on my penis about a month ago but I ignored it, and now it has become bigger and it is sensitive to touch. It is white and a little red. What should I do?

Answer. Learn to visit a doctor when wanted. Immediately do so now to find the reason, and in order to find a treatment. In the meantime, apply Betadine ointment twice a day.

Sex Advice: 72-year-old man feeling pain in his legs after sex the following day

Question. I am 72 and my wife is 64. I have controlled diabetes and BP, and my wife has controlled BP. We enjoy sex twice or thrice a month. However, I feel temporary pain in my legs the following day. I want to know if this is okay at this age. Is it also okay to masturbate occasionally?

Answer. It is certainly OK. Continue enjoying your sexual experience and masturbate whenever you feel like. Take a general sexual tonic like Vigomax forte twice a day before meals for two months or longer if desired.

Sex Advice: 32-year-old man trying Kegel exercise for premature ejaculation

Question. I'm a 32 year old married man. I have tried Kegel exercise for premature ejaculation, but it didn't help. Once, I start stroking I ejaculate immediately and my partner is left dissatisfied.What should I do?

Answer. Please continue the Kegel exercise. This helps only after some months of regular practice. Ideally, you should visit a sexpert for advice. You may start the tablet Confido twice a day, before meals, for six weeks. Reduce your anxiety.

Sex Advice: What methods of contraception can a married woman use?

Question. I am a 24-year-old married woman. I used to be on the pill, but my mother-in-law has asked me to stop because she says it will cause complications later when we want to start a family. I don't enjoy sex when my husband uses a condom. Someone mentioned that there's an injection I can get. Are there any side-effects of the pill? What other methods of contraception can I use?

Answer. Ideally, both of you should visit a gynecologist to learn of the various methods available. There is a long acting injection available, one which is to be taken every three months and another every month. However I would prefer that you keep away from this till after you have your first child. These days different type of condoms are available, you could pick one which is more suitable to you.

Sex Advice: 33-year-old woman virgin woman looking for husband

Question. I am a 33-year-old woman and I have never had sex before. My parents are against it. But I have been meeting many men and they are not agreeing to marry me. The last man I met said that he will not marry me but he would like to have sex with me. I really want to try it. What do you suggest?

Answer. No doubt your parents are making efforts to find the right companion for you. These days marriage bureaus help in finding a suitable husband. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to have premarital sex.

Sex Advice: Woman wants to stop periods for one month with help of medication for honeymoon

Question. I am a 26-year-old woman and I just got engaged. We have never had sex and I am a virgin and very unsure about all these things. I have a few questions:
1) Is it possible to stop my periods for one month with the help of medication because I don't want to get it when I am on my honeymoon? Is it healthy to do this?
2) I am very worried about having sex because I am told that most women do not enjoy it and also that it hurts a lot. Are these things true?

Answer. Ideally both of you together should visit a sexpert or a gynaecologist to educate yourself on marital matters.

Sex Advice: 60-year-old man unable to last long during sex due to prostrate problem

Question. I am a 60-year-old man and I have been suffering from a prostate problem for 12 years. I am on medication for this. Now, my testicles have started hurting. Aside from this, the testicles have gotten bigger and the penis has gotten smaller. When I engage in sexual intercourse, I discharge within a few seconds. And, after I ejaculate once, it takes a minimum of six to seven hours for me to be able to do so again. Please tell me what condition this is indicative of and how to treat it.

Answer. Your problems are probably arising because of your prostate problem and the medication you are on for this. Either speak to your urologist or visit a sexpert.

Sex Advice: 22-year-old woman having dark marks on her breasts

Question. I am a 22-year-old woman and I have a problem which I cannot discuss with anyone. My breasts have these dark marks on them which look like bruises. I got them when I first developed breasts, but they are still there. Is there any cause for worry? I suspect that I may have breast cancer. I haven't gotten myself tested and I don't want any doctor to see my breasts.

Answer. To relieve you of your anxiety, if you do not wish to see a male doctor, visit a female doctor. Since you have the spots since childhood, it does not seem to be a serious matter. But a medical opinion should be taken to be certain.

Sex Advice: 56-year-old married man having secret boyfriend

Question. I am a 56-year-old man and I have been married for 17 years. I have been keeping a dark secret from my wife. I've had a secret boyfriend for the last eight years. I enjoy sex with both partners. My wife and I are happy and we have a child. However, my boyfriend has begun threatening me that he is going to leave me if I don't tell my wife about him. Should I tell her the truth? I am sure that she will leave me and I will never see my son again. What should I do?

Answer. You are at the crossroads - the path you will take is entirely your decision. But it seems that your wife and you live very comfortably together so you should therefore sacrifice your friend.

Sex Advice: Lady tempted after getting requests for sexual intercourse from online friend

Question. I am a 40-year-old woman and my husband is 45 years old. We have two children, and my husband and I love each other very much. Some time ago, however, I came across a 50-year-old man online and the thing is, I really like him too. He is a married man as well and has two children of his own. The problem is that this man keeps requesting me to have sexual intercourse with him. He is very persistent and he keeps asking me to meet him at a hotel. I am very tempted to do this and I do fantasise about having sex with him occasionally. I feel very torn now, as there's a part of me that feels that doing so would be very wrong. I am very confused and conflicted and would really appreciate your advice on the matter. What would you recommend I do?

Answer. Fantasise, but go no further as problems of all kinds can arise. Example: major loss of the love of your husband.


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