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How to download items to your phone ?

You can now download videos and pics directly to your mobile phone for free.

This option is only available for recent video and pic posts, that have a mobile icon at the end of the post. This is how it looks like:

1) To download the item on your mobile phone you need to go to with your mobile phone, and then enter the code of the item. 2) After you do that you will be redirected to and you will be able to download the movie / pic that you want immediately and for free.

The download only works for all mobile phones, that were manufactured after the year 2003, and you need to have internet access on the mobile phone.

Debonairblog Upgrades

Debonairblog is currently in the process of being upgraded..

The complete process will probably take up to 2-3 weeks, during which time we will work out the bugs and make the site like its supposed to be.

During this entire time of upgrading you should be able to browse normally. There will be small modifications each day, which I will post in these post.

The links to old archives were put on index page
RSS feed has been fixed
Changed archive order from ascending to descending
Instructions pages were temporarily removed (they will be revamped)
Categories, Individual posts, Monthly archives modifed

Remaining issues to be solved:

- Modification of Archives / Categories / Individual posts (insertion of category links, insertion of links to individual posts, insertion of footer ..)
- Cosmetic changes on Archives, individual posts
- Revamping of instruction pages
- Integration of page break links on index, archives
- Clean up of code and fixing of javascript errors

After we complete all the remaining issues we will introduce some new services - co-authoring of posts - you will be able to make blog posts yourselves, automatic approval of comments from certain members (right now we have all comments on moderation, becuase of the spam).

IF you have any more suggestions or bug reports please let us know.


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