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Joke: Long Lasting Relationship Mantra

Long Lasting Relationship Mantra By William Sexfear:

Come Late And Your Girlfriend Will Say You’re Late.

Cum Late And She Will Say You’re Great!!

Joke: Where Beauty Lies?

A Beautiful Quote By William Sexfear:

Beauty Lies In The Files Of The Hidden Folders

Joke: When Boys And Girls Miss Each Other

True Factor Of Boys And Girls Explained By William Sexfear When They Miss Each Other.

When A Girl Misses Her Love…Her Heart Pain.

But When A Guy Misses His Love…His Hands Pain.

Joke: Why Do Men Get Circumcised?

Ever Wonder Why Do Men Get Circumcised?

Because Women Will Grab Anything With 20% Off!!

Joke: What is Homesickness?

Hats Off To William Sexfear’s Research:

Men Are Born Between The Legs Of A Women Yet They Spend Their Entire Life Trying To Go Back Between Them…

That’s Called Homesickness

Joke: Why Was Santas Passport Rejected?

Why Was Santa’s Passport Rejected?

Because He Had Written Place Of Birth As Between Two Legs

Joke: Guys Are All Dogs

A Girl Updates Her Status On Facebook:

Met My Ex Boyfriend Today, Things Went Well

Then Suddenly He Said, He Would Gift Me A iPhone 5 If I Would Have Sex With Him One Last Time

These Guys Are All Dogs

- Sent Via iPhone 5

Joke: Behind Every Beautiful Woman There Is...

Awesome Quote From William Sexfear:

Behind Every Beautiful Woman There Is Always A Man Staring At Her Ass.

Joke: What Is Difference Between Sugarcane And Lund?

Question: What Is Difference Between Sugarcane And Lund?

Answer: Sugarcane Ko Dho Kar Chooste Hain Aur Lund Ko Chooskar Dhote Hain

Joke: Ek Gubbare Waale Ki Dukaan Ke Bahar Likha Tha...

Ek Gubbare Waale Ki Dukan Ke Bahar Likha Tha

Agar Apne Bacche Ko Gubbara Nahi Dila Sakte To Haraamkhoro Waqt Pe Gubbara Chadha Liya Karo.


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