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Joke: Why are girls hotter than boys?

Why are girls hotter than boys?
Boys have two Zero watt bulbs and only one 40 watts Tube.
Whereas girls have two 500 watt bulbs and one 3000 watts Oven!

Joke: Blow jobs are a great way for bad girls to...

I'm no religious man, but blow jobs are a great way for bad girls to pay for their sins!

Joke: Scientific Theory of Sex

Scientific Theory of Sex:

The angle of the dangle decreases with the sag of the bag;
And increases in proportion to the heat of the meat;
Compared to the mass of the ass and the beauty of the cutie!

Joke: Bank wanting to use a porn stars legs as logo for its ATM

A bank wanted to use a porn star's legs as the logo for its ATM.
Do you know why?
The bank wanted to advertise that they're open 24 hrs!

Joke: Anagram of PENSI

Chatting up a girl in a bar, I said, "What part of my body is as long as your thigh, contains over 120 muscles and is an anagram of 'pensi'?"

It was only when she pulled my pants down at her apartment a few minutes later that I told her the answer was 'spine'!

Joke: An 89 is also a 69 but...

An 89 is also a 69 but with a fat chick!

Joke: Lips and Boobs to Pussy...

Lips and Boobs to Pussy, "You are the target. It is for that you we are sucked bitten and squeezed.

Pussy cried and said, "I remain hidden, it's you two, who always invite trouble!

Joke: Dear Periods...

Dear Periods,
The only reason we tolerate you is because you're a sign that we're not pregnant.

Dear Periods,
We only tolerate you because we get blow jobs that week.

Joke: What is the square root of 69?

I'm no mathematician but I'm pretty sure the square root of 69 = my tongue!

Joke: Dear Girlfriend...

Dear Girlfriend,
United we bang, divided I nightfall!


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