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Joke: Sharab Aur Pyaar Mein Kya Rishta Hain?

Baba Saxidas Ji Ka Ek Pyaar Mein Paagal Bhakt Unke Pass Gaya Aur Puchha:

Bhakt: Sharab Aur Pyaar Mein Kya Rishta Hain?

Baba Ji: Bachha Koi Khas Farak Nahin, Bas Sharab Over Hone Se Ladka Ulti Karta Hain Lekin Pyaar Over Hone Se Ladki Ulti Karti Hain.

Joke: Personality of Women according to Bra Sizes

Personality Of Women According To BRA Sizes.

30 = Innocent

32 = Calm

34 = Defensive

36 = Sexy

38 = Its Hot

40 = Aggressive

42 = Out Of Control

Joke: Monkey watching human couple make love

A Monkey Was Watching A Human Couple Under Tree Doing Love.

And Was Thinking,

What A Magic!

The Banana Never Ends,

After So Many Bites.

Joke: Explaining Romance In Easy Way

Romance In Easy Way.

1. Hand In Hand

2. That In Hand

3. Hand In That

4. That In Mouth

5. Mouth In That

6. That In That

Now Don’t Ask What Is That?

Joke: Indian Boyfriends Kaise Hote Hain?

Alag Alag Deshon Ke Boyfriend Jab Apni Girlfriends Ko Call Karte Hai Toh Kya Bolte Hain.

American - I Love You Baby, I Love You Forever.

English - Baby Just Give Me One Kiss.

Russian - Hey, Baby I’m Missing You Badly.

Indian - Jaan, Aaj Kya Pehna Hua Hai?

Joke: Kamasutra says Women are Masters in Sex

Kamasutra Says Women Are Masters In Sex.

They Can Satisfy 5 Men At A Time,

1st In Pussy,

2nd In Ass Hole,

3rd In Mouth,

4th And 5th In Two Hands.

Joke: A Girl A Day...

Beautiful Quote By William Sexfear:

A Girl A Day... Keeps The Hand Away

Joke: What is Height of Suspicion?

Question: What Is Height Of Suspicion?

Answer: Two men coming out of the Toilet, One is zipping up his pants and the other licking his lips.

Joke: Love Marriage Ka Anokha Fayda?

Baba Saxidas Ke Ek Bhakt Ne Unse Puchha

Bhakt: Baba Ji, Ye Love Marrigae Ka Kya Fayda Hai?

Baba Ji Muskuraye Aur Bhakt Ko Ankh Marte Hue Bole

Baba Ji: Bacha Simple, Suhag Raat Wale Din Sharmane Mein Time Waste Nahi Hota

Joke: How To Check If Someone Is Gay Or Not?

Jay Asked His Doctor If There Was A Test To Determine If He Was Gay.

The Doctor Said: Yes, There Is, Please Pull Down Your Pants.

Jay Pulled Down His Pants.

The Doctor Grabbed His Balls And Told Him To Say 55.

Jay Said: 55

The Doctor Then Grabbed The His Dick And Told Him To Say 55.

Jay: 55

The Doctor Then Told The Him To Turn Around, And Putting A Finger In Jay’s Ass He Once Again Told Him To Say 55.

Jay: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…