Sex Advice: Woman experiencing pain in stomach after sex

Question. I am a 27-year-old woman and I got married about two years ago to a man who is the same age as I am. When he is fully erect, my husband is no more than four or four-and-a-half inches big. Yet, whenever we have sex - we only ever have it in the basic missionary pose - I experience pain in my stomach. What could be the cause of this?

Answer. You should visit a gynaecologist to identify the cause of the pain. Surf the net to identify different positions for intercourse. You could try the woman on top position and note whether the pain occurs. The size of the penis is quite adequate to satisfy you. It is often believed that the friction in vagina produces an orgasm; actually, it is clitoris which is responsible.

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Joke: A doctor of a small village drives a car at 150 kmph...

A doctor of a small village drives a car at 150 km/h. His wife:
- Honey, why are you driving so fast - there might be a policeman around the corner and he would stop you.
- Don't worry, darling, yesterday I told him to stay in bed.

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Sex Advice: Husband fine with wife having sex his friend!

Question. My husband and I have been married for 19 years. My husband just seemed to lose interest in sex, and we went from having sex once a week, to once a month and now, we may do it once a year. Some weeks ago, I was propositioned by a friend of my husband's. He's a divorcee and I enjoy his attention. When my husband and kids were away, I invited this man over and we had sex. My husband returned home however, and though he did not see us having sex, I think he could make out that his friend was not over for a casual visit. He asked me about it, but I denied everything. Still, my husband insisted on talking about his friend and me, and I was surprised to hear him say that he doesn't mind if I want to have sex with this man. Now, I am suspicious about this acceptance.

Answer. Although not considered normal, such instances do occur. You could start with asking him his reasons of reluctance of having sex with you. Meeting with a family counselor may help.

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