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Sex Advice: Do women not enjoy it when a man puts his finger inside them?

Question. I am a 39-year-old bachelor. I have been dating many women, and every one of them has always been happy with my performance in bed. But the last time I met a lady and we got physical, I was very surprised because she told me that I did not know what I was doing. Like always, I began with digital penetration. I always thought women enjoy this. But she said that it was very painful for her and she even pushed me away. When I told her no one else had ever complained to this act, she said that they were probably just lying. She added that the act was not pleasurable and I had no clue what I was doing. Could she be right? Do women not enjoy it when a man puts his finger inside them? Even in your column, you've often suggested this act to satisfy a woman. Is this wrong advice?

Answer. Like any other thing in life, think before you act and you will be educated. - Sexy Babe Of The Day

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Sex Advice: Married guy worried about wife finding oral sex awkward

Question. I am a 28-year-old man and my wife is 27 years old. We have good foreplay before we engage in sex. However, we never have oral sex. How can I convince my wife to perform that act on me? I would also really like to perform the act on her but she does not enjoy that and finds it awkward. Also, she allows me to have sex so that I derive pleasure from the act, but she always insists on being fingered afterwards in order to be satisfied. She really enjoys that and she only reaches climax in this way. How can I make her enjoy sex so that she gets the same pleasure I do through the act of sex?

Answer. First, tell her that sexperts have checked hygiene of the genitals and found them very healthy. She reaches orgasm by fingering, so it's just up to you to improve your performance and make sure she has orgasms during intercourse too. - Sexy Babe Of The Day

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Sex Advice: Man worried about fingering five months pregnant wife

Question. My wife is five months pregnant. We do not engage in sex at all, but we do indulge in other activities in order for both of us to have orgasms. I insert my finger into her vagina to excite her, and this does the trick for her. But, I have been wondering if this is safe. Until how many months of pregnancy is it safe for her to achieve orgasm in this manner? Could it affect our baby in any negative way?

Answer. Ask her doctor to give the two of you information on what you can do and what you should not. Certainly stop inserting your fingers, to be safe. Learn more about the positions of intercourse. Usually, it is possible for expecting couples to engage in sexual intercourse right until the eighth month. - Sexy Babe Of The Day

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