Joke: A doctor was advising a couple...

A doctor was advising a couple after he performed minor surgery on the wife. "It will take you seven days to heal, so no sex for a week."
"Did you hear that?" the wife asked her husband.
"Yes," he said. "But he was talking to you."

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Desi starlet babe showing cleavage in skimpy bra and dresses selfie pics

Hot selfie pics of a desi starlet babe showing cleavage in skimpy bra and dresses while in bathroom and indoors.

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Sex Advice: 41-year-old widower wants a more permanent relationship with 21-year-old partner

Question. I am a 41-year-old widower. My wife passed away just seven months ago, after a tough battle against cancer. We have two daughters aged 12 and 14. I recently met a woman who is 21, and we started dating about a month ago. We have engaged in sexual intercourse, though I did not pressurise her - it happened very naturally. I enjoy being with her, though at times she seems a little immature which, of course, is understandable given her age. But I do want a more permanent relationship and am not sure she would be able to be a good mother. What would you advise?

Answer. Maybe after you are more sure of her intentions, you can take it further if you think she would take care of the children. Do not bank on it. She is probably enjoying her experience with you, but marriage may not be on the list.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

She was playing with her hair looking sexy in the mirror with herself. She turned around and saw me. Took the saree out my hand and threw it onto the floor. She grabbed my collars and pulled me towards her and started kissing me. We kissed for what felt like hours, one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Oh god.We went mad, kissing, licking each other..Sucking her lips and then her tongue making slurping noises ummmmhh…Ohhh..She was shivering in ecstasy and orgasm.
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Joke: The economy has become so bad that wives are having sex with...

The economy has become so bad that wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries.

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