HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

Sneha put her hand on the bulge and pulled down his boxer and up came his cock Poor Sneha after departure of her husband dreamt of a cock many nights when she was lying in the bed. She felt an imaginary cock entering her hole, she put her finger and jerked it vigorously but it cannot replace a cock. But here is a real cock large, long, and round and fatty.
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North Indian babe flashing awesome cleavage and juicy milky boobs in sexy blue bra in selfies to cock tease her boyfriend.

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Sex Advice: Man worried due to wife having a low sex drive and blood pressure and anemia

Question. I am a 42-year-old healthy man with a high sex drive. My wife is 40. She has an extremely low sex drive. We have sex only once a week, but without her active participation in the act. She is usually lying down on the bed, waiting for it to get over. She also applies lot of lubricating cream due to dryness in her vagina. I have discussed this with her and have requested her to have sex with me at least twice a week. But she doesn't want to oblige. She has a low haemoglobin count and takes a 5 mg blood pressure pill daily. We love each other and have a good family life. But my sex life is unsatisfactory. Please advise.

Answer. Talking with her, not about intercourse, but about her anaemia and other worries can probably help you identify her lack of interest. Be more caring and sensitive towards her health needs. I suggest you take her out to dinner and plan a holiday together.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

Sneha lied in the bed and asked Prasad to lie down with her. She saw a bulge in the boxer he wore. That is the problem with men, they cannot hide their hornyness. It shows in the form of a bulge. For a girl when she is hot, her fluids may flow into her panty, which nobody will know. They both had reached a point of no return. Both were breathing heavily.
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Desi college babe in cute bra panty fingering her belly button and her big tits almost spilling out of her bra in mirror selfie.

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Sex Advice: Are sporadic and heavy periods the result of having sex at an early age?

Question. I am a 19-years-old. Of late, my periods have not only been irregular but also rather heavy. This is causing me much anxiety and discomfort. I am embarrassed to inform you that, in a moment of passion, my boyfriend and I did have sex on a vacation. Are my sporadic and heavy periods the result of having sex at an early age? I am feeling very ashamed and guilty. Please advise.

Answer. What has happened is best forgotten. Remember only the pleasure you got at that time. Visit a gynaecologist to identify the cause of your irregular period; sexual intercourse is not the cause.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

Question. I pulled her towards me and made her to climb on me. When I was feeling her ass, I could understand that she was not even wearing a panty. When my hand ran over her ass, she gave out a hissing sound, ssssssssssss as it was tickling her. I leaned backwards on my bed and she was lying on me with her boobs pressing against my chest and her legs on either side of me. I pressed both of her asses with my both hands and lifted her so that I can see her virgin pussy.
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