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I removed her tops and Started kissing and licking on her shoulders, back, neck and earlobes which made her moan (guys neck and earlobes are the region which makes them turned on and more sensual) I licked her cleavage and removed her bra. Melons came out and I could see those erected nipples which made an invitation to me to suck it. I circled her nipples and tits with my tongue. I sucked it with my hand pressing the other one.
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Joke: Girlfriend clapping on boyfriends ass

A guy lies on bed, reads a book. His girlfriend comes from behind and starts clapping on his ass. Guy:
- What are you doing?
- Playing percussion.
- Would you like to play the flute?

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Hot cock raising selfie pics of desi starlet babe showing lovely wet tits in shower and also in skimpy bra panties.

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Sex Advice: Lady between her menstruation and ovulation periods experiences severe cramps

Question. My wife and I have started trying to have a baby. But, between her menstruation and ovulation periods, she experiences severe cramps, her breasts feel very sensitive and she gets migraines too. A pregnancy test was negative. What would explain the symptoms?

Answer. If you have not been examined, have a semen test. Visit a pathology lab. Your wife should get a clearance from a gynaecologist.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

I stared her eyes for a while she said kiss me I kissed her in lips licked and sucked her lips so hard she moaned. My hand caught her boobs over her nighty squeezed gently and kissing very passionately she moaned. She took my another hand on her boobs I squeezed hard she removed my t-shirt and kissed my chest then I pushed her in the bed. She said come kiss me suck me come on im so horny. I jumped on her started kissing lifted her nighty to navel and gently rubbed her thighs.
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