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Goa village bans public kissing as it irritates local residents

Banner saying public kissing is banned in Salvador do Mundo village of Goa
A Goan village has banned kissing in public, saying it causes irritation to residents.

Reena Fernandes, deputy sarpanch of Salvador do Mundo, a picturesque village located a short distance from Panaji, said that the decision was taken by the village panchayat based on requests from locals.

"There were a lot of unwanted things happening there (Salvador do Mundo) and causing irritation to people," Fernandes said, adding the decision was taken earlier this month.

The ban on kissing, drinking alcohol, playing loud music in public in the village came under the spotlight after photos of a banner, printed and hoisted in public places in Salvador do Mundo, went viral on social media.

The banner reads: "Commit no nuisance, visitors keep our village clean, drinking alcohol, smoking, loud music, kissing in public, nuisances in public are strictly prohibited here."

Editor's Note: Friends, what do you think about the Panchayat's decision? Please post in the comments below.

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Sex Advice: Guy starting to clean his penis in later years

Question. I’ve read in your response to others that one must inculcate the habit of cleaning the penis thoroughly right from childhood, by pulling back the foreskin. I am 22 years old and I’ve recently begun practising this while bathing. Will starting late cause any problems?

Answer. That shouldn’t be a problem. Glad you have started.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

He then came inside the room and hugged me from back and started pressing my boobs. Then took me to bed he removed his shirt and removed my dress I was in my black bra n pink panty in front of him. He den started pressing my boobs harder n harder and kissing me on my lips. It continued for 30mins then he removed my bra and he started sucking my nipple. It had become hard by that time. He was pressing my left one n sucking right.
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Joke: If a woman shaves her legs in winter...

In Winters, if a woman shaves her legs for you every alternate day, it sure is love!

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Orgy video on WhatsApp lands four boys in the soup

Cops nab teens in Pune after friend reports video that shows them engaged in sexual acts at a garden circulated as 'proof'; notably, case not filed under Section 377 of IPC.

Four boys are cooling their heels at an observation home for the last 10 days after a video displaying them engaged in sexual acts was reported to police.

After one of the boys uploaded the video on to their 'Worldly Affairs' group on WhatsApp, it spread like wildfire in their locality in Khadki as well as outside it. All the boys and their friends are currently studying in various colleges in the city.

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