HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

How could I say no to such a Bomb Bhabhi? I agreed and after another day of her brisk walk and my jog with a view of her swinging ass we moved together around 12 to visit that flat. Wearing simple salwar kameez with a stole over her shoulder Bhabhi was looking so amazing that I instantly got hard and through out the way my dirty mind fantasized me taking off her clothes and fucking her in her vacant flat.
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Sexy North Indian babe posing in tight wine red lace panty showing hot figure and pussy mound to cock tease horny lover.

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Sex Advice: Guy wanting a baby able to penetrate only 40 percent of wifes vagina

Question. I have been married for a year now and haven't had proper sex with my wife as we didn't have any plans to make a baby. Now, we plan to have one but we are unable to have proper intercourse. I try to penetrate her vagina but I can penetrate only 40 per cent. All my ejaculate ends up on the bed only. Are there any chances that she will get pregnant if we continue the same act? I get too excited too soon when I try to insert my penis into her vagina. Can she get pregnant this way?

Answer. Both of you need to use good lubrication. The position you take is important. Take her leg over your shoulder, so that the penis will be in direct line with the vagina. If you ejaculate with half the penis inside the vagina, chances for pregnancy are there. Should you require further help visit a sexpert.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

Ohhh…God I can’t tell you guys what a bomb she was looking! Bhabhi was wearing red t-shirt with tight black leggings, she was wet at arm pits and back because of sweat and aroma of her deodorant mixed with sweat was so arousing that I could not hold my erection in my underwear, throughout the jogging I was hard because of her swinging ass.
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Naughty plus size North Indian babe showing juicy, mouth watering big boobs and spreading legs to flash her clean shaven pussy to cock tease her horny boyfriend.

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Sex Advice: 22-year-old woman PCOS patient experiencing severe burning at the vaginal opening

Question. I am a 22-year-old woman and a PCOS patient. My partner is of the same age and we have been together for four years. We have been trying to have intercourse for a year, but every attempt has resulted in severe burning at the vaginal opening. We have enough foreplay but at times even the fingering hurts. We have even used water based lubes but that increases the burning. After consulting my gynaecologist, I was advised to use HH Zole cream overnight for five days and to apply oil later. This hasn't helped the issue. Kindly let us know what is the issue. Also, how safe are the anaesthetic creams? Can they be used for beginners?

Answer. Increase your intake of fluids. You can take some hygienic measures to wash after every urination. Also, snip your pubic hair regularly. An application of a local anesthetic at least 15 minutes before the act will be helpful.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

My finger was acting smart over my clitoris & unknowingly I started chanting his name "Ohhhh Akshay......please......slowly....araam se...hmmmmm...aaaahhhh...eeeeeyyy........yeaah... & my magical figure was creating thrilling sensation inside my pusssy & My dream man was fucking me hard depth till my womb & I was enjoying each n every pulsations it was creating inside me.
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