Sex Advice: 26-year-old man worried about penis discharging a liquid on a daily basis

Question. I'm a 26-year-old man and I have a problem that is very embarrassing for me. While sleeping, I find that my penis discharges a liquid on a daily basis. I am worried that this may pose a health problem that will affect me in the future.

Answer. What is the liquid that's leaking out? It may be urine. If not, it may be the result of lubrication as a result of sexual excitement, which will not harm you.

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Sex Advice: 26-year-old married guy unable to get an erection

Question. I am a 26-year-old and have been married for over two years. My wife is 26 too. For a week now, I have been unable to get an erection, or when I do, I am unable to maintain it for long. Is this something to worry about?

Answer. Your why has to be found out. Possibly, anxiety has led to the problem. It's best you discuss this with a sexpert. Do not live with the fear. - Sexy Babe Of The Day

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Sex Advice: Man married for 18 years frustrated as wife not interested in sex

Question. I am a 43-year-old man and have been married for the last eighteen years. My wife is 40. In all the years we have been married, she has never been interested in sex. We have two children. For the last ten years, the two of us haven't had sex at all, ever. Once a month, my wife helps me to masturbate. I have tried talking to her many times about this, I have counselled her, gone on holidays with her and even prayed to God to change these circumstances. But it remains the same. She refuses to consult a doctor about the subject. Her argument is that sex is not important at all. Due to all of this, I developed a psychosomatic auto immune disorder, as it generated a lot of stress. Often, I find myself unnecessarily enraged with some little things my children may have done; I know this is for no real fault of theirs, just the result of my frustration. My wife is aware of this too. Given our situation, what would you advise me to do?

Answer. A family elder might be able to correct her rigid views, or a sex counsellor may be able to help. Continue to pray for God's help, and correct anything that irritates her about you, like perhaps the habit of not using a condom. - Sexy Babe Of The Day

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