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Question. How many times do I need to masturbate to finish the sperms in my testicles? I want to ration this habit carefully so that I can father a child when necessary. Are there sperm banks in the country where I can deposit my semen for further usage? At what age do sperms in a man end?

Answer. Your factory is working full time and sperms are made lifelong. So there is no need for you to find a sperm bank.

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Bhabhi caressed my hairs and my back and slowly her hand tried reaching to my crotch. I lifted my bottom to give access of my rod and holding me in her fist Bhabhi opened her thighs for me. "Condom hai...?" I whispered while adjusting crotch over her and saying "nahin....! aise hi daal de." Bhabhi brought me over her opening. "Bhabhi I love you..." saying that finally I slipped inside her and closing her eyes Bhabhi groaned in pleasure.
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Joke: Sexy Secretary

Peter: "Your secretary is very sexy..."

Tony: "Thanks! It's a robot actually, named 'Maria'. If you squeeze her right boob, she takes dictation & if you squeeze her left boob, she types letters! I'll Lend it to you for a day & you can see her functions..."

Next day Peter called Tony from hospital & shouted: "You bastard!"

You didn't tell me that the "HOLE" between Maria's legs is a pencil sharpener.

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