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Day 22 updates of the Fifa World Cup Fantasy betting game

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Today’s quater-final matche results:

Germany 1 : 1 Argentina (4 : 2 penalty shootout)
Italy 3 : 0 Ukraine

Tomorrow’s quater-final matches:

England - : - Portugal
Brazil - : - France

Just register for a free account and start betting and make sure you are in the race to win the first prize of US $ 100 cash prize each for the top ten players. Best of luck. :D


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South Indian lesbian babes scene 1

First of a ten part series featuring South Indian lesbian babes in hot action.

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Pyasi Haiwan hot scene 3

Finally there’s some action in part 3 as there is a bit of boob fondling. And the action only get’s hotter in the forthcoming clips. Stay tuned!

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Swarm the web

image hosted by

SS found out this cool link on the web called SWARM.

It is a site that let’s you know what people around the world are browsing, RIGHT NOW, yes realtime updates keep happening on the site.

Once you visit the site, you can browse the links, the world is browsing, you have a text mode browsing and the second one is text based browsing, if you are using firefox browser you can also add SWARM extension to your browser to be a part of the community. You can tag sites for ADULT content also.

A cool way to browse through the links on the net.

Also the site does not list any personal and secured site browsing, for example, when you login to your bank account, or you login into your My Yahoo account, these kind of pages are not listed.

Here’s the site:


Sex Advice: STD & STI: Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

The topic of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is an unpleasant one. Also known as sexually transmitted infection (STI) and venereal diseases (after Venus, the Roman goddess of love), the reported cases of STDs have been at epidemic numbers for years. [Full article]

There are two types of sexually transmitted infections; bacterial and viral. The biggest difference between the two is that infections of a bacterial nature respond to antibiotic treatments. Viral infections do not have cures.

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HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

I start nibbling on the nipple and feel the excitement seep through her body slowly. I suck on her nipple for a long time until she begins to moan. So I have aroused her sufficiently. Her nipples have become hard. I take off the bra completely and her two boobs pop out like a spring and hit me on the face. They are nice and bouncy. I lick her breasts and squeeze them to my heart’s content and she lends her self up to me completely. Click here to read the full story.


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