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Joke: A nice Polish joke

A man walks into a bar, sits down, and says to the guy next to him, “Hey, you wanna hear a great Polish joke?”

“Listen, pal,” the guy replies. “I’m Poland’s kick-boxing champion. My two friends here are both world-ranked judo masters, and they’re Polish, too. Now, you still want to tell that joke?”

“Nah,” the man replies, “I don’t feel like explaining it three times.”


Game: Monster Mash


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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2005

2005 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated
Checkout the Sports Illustrated special swimsuit 2005 issue.

And also, click here to see Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller, minus the Sports Illustrated swimsuit!

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Karina Munoz - Miss Reef 2005

Karina Munoz - Miss Reef 2005

Meet Karina Munoz, a 18 years old hottie from Chile, who is the proud winner of the Miss Reef 2005 contest.

The link below will lead you mighty pirates to a special photo shoot that Karina did as Miss Reef 2005 for a Chilean magazine.

Click here to see Karina Munoz and her fabulous booty

And here are some pics from the Miss Reef 2005 contest

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Game: Batman

Batman - Free online flash game
Click here to play now!

Batman is in pursuit of the mysterious Batwoman, but before he can catch her, she’s overpowered by the Penguin’s gang. Now he must fight his way through the Penguin and his henchmen to save her.


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