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Survey: Men prefer sex with other men!

Due to ignorance about safe sex Indian heterosexual male, who visit sex workers (prostitutes/call girls), seek anal sex believing they would not catch HIV/AIDS. Read the rest of this entry »

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Should men buy lingerie for women?

Rakhi Sawant in black dress showing cleavage

Item girl Rakhi Sawant recently said that she wouldn’t like her man (or was it men!) to buy her lingerie. “I will never let my man go and pick bra and panty for me. This is not proper. It doesn’t look nice at all. I have no problem if he surprises me with other kind of gifts but buying lingerie is not a man’s job anyways,” declared Sawant.

Editor’s Note:- It’s obviously not surprising that Ms. Sawant doesn’t want her man to her bra and panties as she doesn’t seem to wear them anyway! On a more serious note what do you personally think about this issue. Should a man buy lingerie for his woman/girl. Post your thoughts in the comments.

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Police taking action against indecent behaviour

The police in Nagpur have started cracking down on couples in public parks by kicking them as an ongoing campaign against indecent behaviour. Read the rest of this entry »

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Women get aroused as quickly as men

When it comes to making love, a new study has turned an age-old theory on its head, that women tend to get aroused more slowly than men. Read the rest of this entry »

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Launch of Debonair TV

Debonair TV hot sex scene

We at DebonairBlog are happy and proud to annouce the launch of our latest offering Debonair TV. Debonair TV has ten hot streaming channels. Just make sure you have a fast enough broadband connection to enjoy some real hot action. So what are you waiting for…just head straight to and feel free to post your opinions/suggestions/reactions in the comments.
Debonair TV only @

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Men prefer small bust to silicon!

This is one list that men and women need to read before setting out to romance the person of their dreams, for it gives them an insight into what the opposite sex deems as real “turn-offs”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lesbian sex more exciting for women!

While women often complain of their spouses’ inability to help them experience orgasm on a frequent basis, a recent survey reveals that females are more likely to ‘climax‘ during lesbian sex than straight sex. Read the rest of this entry »

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