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Sex Advice: Guy worried about younger brother feeling like a male only physically

Question. I am very worried for my younger brother. He is 28 years old. From a very young age, he has always been an introvert. But for the last few years, he is facing a rather peculiar problem. He says that he feels he is a male only physically. But in his mind, he is a female. He refuses to socialise with the opposite sex, and does not want to get married. Also, I have observed he's isolating himself from his friends and family due to this reason. My parents are old and are concerned about his future. What can he do to fix the problem and what specialist can we take him to see? What is the reason for his behaviour?

Answer. Most likely, a psychiatrist will help to decide whether he is a transgender (people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex; for instance, a female trapped in a male body). Should he be a transgender, he will feel more comfortable after the investigation. Don't worry. Please take the help of an organisation like Humsafar Trust, which helps in such matters.

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