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Sex Advice: Girl feeling horny during her periods

Question. I'm horny when I have my period. Is it cool to have sex, or will I totally gross my guy out?

Answer. The only way to be sure how your man feels is to ask him. If he's game, stick to man-on-top mode. Your bleeding may be lighter if you're lying down. But if you vary positions, keep your flow at bay by inserting a menstrual cup (an alternative to tampons and pads that you can buy at a drugstore or online) pre-sex.

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Posted by mr. Madhu
on: October 18, 2012 7:17 PM | Reply

Honey, you are not only the single lady in the world getting horny during periods...almost all have the same..you may go for sex, but better to avoid only...because the dirty blood oozes out will have bad odor,it later on have psychological impact on intercourse.....

Posted by raj
on: October 19, 2012 9:36 AM | Reply

I had sex many times during periods, my new partner also goes horny during periods but she never agrees for sex. u can have with out condom if ur trustowrthy partner or else u can use condom

Posted by ravi
on: October 19, 2012 12:07 PM | Reply

really my wife hates sex during periods and even get irritated if i try to hug n kiss her and you have great erousal during periods even the smell of blood during period is sometimes gives a great aroma and arousal to men and likes to have sex both should be careful after sex to clean up with soap n water . i too had sex with my wife during periods and of gr8 experince for both should not have gilt feelings

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