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I removed her bermuda and panty and slowly started massaging her clit and sucking on her boob. She started getting excited and I slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. It was very tight as she was a virgin. She started feeling some pain and asked me to stop. I told her it will only pain for a few minutes and then she will be okay. She agreed and then slowly started moving my finger in and out. I took hold of her hand and kept it on my dick.
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Posted by amit
on: October 26, 2011 9:35 AM | Reply

HI, I do not know how to get to the Owner of this site. Below is my ode to your site and the book after which it is named. I hope it will be duly recognized.


Several years ago, when I was in the high school, all my fellow students would get excited the moment they knew that someone around had a Debonair. This was an adult magazine that cost about Rs 50 back then. It was huge sum to afford for most of us as I remember going out for a Sunday outing with just Rs 20/- in my pocket. I watched a Hindi film in the theatre for Rs 12/- had a juice for Rs 4 and rest of the money was for bus tickets.

So Debonair was not only a priced asset but also an expensive and secretive one. The guys who had it usually bought it second hand from shady corner shops that young boys weren’t allowed to frequent. Usually these were the guys who had grown body hair a tad earlier than others and hence could be mistaken as adults. I had the fortune of few priceless occasions when I did get to glimpse the sizzling naked beauties in this book. It used to be such an overwhelming feeling, watching full blooded Indian women displaying their wares in the centre spread and showing hormone filled young boys the pleasures that lay ahead in life. Often I would get breathless by this fleeting experience.

Fast forward few years- Life as we knew had changed with the internet coming in. Porn was no more the stuff of seedy book stores. It had shifted base to the seedy internet cafes. Often these cafes would have small wooden cabinets to give one the privacy to surf forbidden stuff on the net. The Indian weather along with the cramped cabins and heat from the CPUs and large CRT monitors would make this a surreal experience. One would emerge sweating at the end of the paid Hour having satiated his desire to see all that he can’t in the course of an ordinary day. The era of porn websites had arrived.

Several gulf/US based websites vied for the attention of the Indian male. They came up with innovative names such as Desibaba, Desipapa, Indiansex4u and several others. Of all these ‘Indian’ websites, the one that struck a chord with me was debonairblog.com, a digital version of my old flame :P. Well, this site had a USP unique as YouTube. It gave one the opportunity to upload homemade camera shot grainy videos of sexual acts. The flip side was that lots of hidden cams began to shoot unsuspecting couples and these came online as well.

But as the viewer, it was a nice experience enjoying the voyeuristic pleasures sitting at the comfort of my room. By now, high quality porn made my American industries was easily available in the market and CD players and come up in a big way. It had become affordable and India was watching porn like never before. Soon it was a known fact that even Indian women were watching a lot of porn especially in colleges and schools.

This article is an ode to Debonair, the original Indian Adult magazine that titillated me as an adolescent and kept me coming back to it in form of a website.

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