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Busty Pune college girl naked with boyfriend showing big boobs cunt and gaand MMS

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Comments (19)

Posted by vijay
on: August 8, 2011 2:09 PM | Reply

nice & big boobs. i want drinks of whole milk.this is too sexy.
send more

Posted by N.B.REDDY
on: August 8, 2011 3:06 PM | Reply

What A nice boobs Baby.once i want fucked me. Pls Baby.......

Posted by rashmi
on: August 8, 2011 3:46 PM | Reply

very much like my boobs. thanx db fr posting ths video. i really loved this big nd thick dick. feeling jealous of thiss bitch. i m alwaz rdy to have this big black dick. thanx fr post

Posted by
on: August 8, 2011 6:50 PM | Reply


Posted by Nanga Bhoot
on: August 8, 2011 8:17 PM | Reply

Boobs are big and juicy,
This girl has a hairy pussy.

Posted by sunny
on: August 8, 2011 11:06 PM | Reply

what a baby u have bro, HATS off to you lucky champ.
Next time when you ask her to stand tell her to open her legs too so we guys here can peak at her lovely pussy lips tooo.
over all good job you jerk !!!!

Posted by shank
on: August 8, 2011 11:18 PM | Reply

yeh ladki hamare colony ki hai,
Itne bade bade kam karahi hai,mujhe malum nahi,nahi tu mein ladke se pehle pochjata tha,
Too sexy boobs r too lovely i want to fuck

Posted by Firoz
on: August 9, 2011 1:04 AM | Reply

I ever seen in my life this kind of boobs.i wnt 2 fuck her.

Posted by Kathik
on: August 9, 2011 3:47 AM | Reply

too big boobs are kind of boring on a long term.
Small boobs are always good to look when undressed. Big boobs are good to look when dressed. Anyone disagree?

Posted by Sexylady
on: August 9, 2011 10:39 AM | Reply

Good assets, my boyfrnds cock s same size. Fuck i go too wet.

Posted, in reply to rashmi's comment, by teppe kazakh
on: August 9, 2011 2:04 PM | Reply

To hum kya mar gaye hain? Utna kala to nahi magar hamare pass bhi candy hae darling! Jealous hone ki zaroorat kya hae, tumhe us ladki se zyada khush karenge.. muskurate hue shuru hojaogi aur cheekhte haste khatam hogi tumhari 'kushti'! ;-)

Posted, in reply to rashmi's comment, by sonu
on: August 9, 2011 2:35 PM | Reply

aaja mazey kartey hain

Posted, in reply to rashmi's comment, by ankur
on: August 9, 2011 2:55 PM | Reply

Dear Rashmi,
u just have to come fr a nice fuck session
cmplt privacy assured

Posted by Tight pussy
on: August 9, 2011 3:34 PM | Reply

Jst luvd dat long big dick! I wnt 2 get fuckd ryt now..i'm so wet guys..any boy intrestd in fuckn me? I'v got tight pusy n 36 size boobs..if intrestd den gv ur numbr

Posted, in reply to Sexylady's comment, by lovelelona
on: August 9, 2011 10:38 PM | Reply

Chalo teri choot ka gilapan banaye rakhne ke liye main apni jibh laga du.

Posted by Raj
on: August 9, 2011 11:03 PM | Reply

oh my..what perfect figure!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe my eyes.

Posted by Nikhil
on: August 10, 2011 4:47 PM | Reply

I am willing to fuck her...she has nice boobs...she will give nice blow job.......

Posted, in reply to rashmi's comment, by N P
on: August 11, 2011 10:33 AM | Reply

Thats so nice to hear, so why don’t we try for once, lets have a great sex session, i will blow ur brains of thats a promisee

Posted by Shariff
on: August 11, 2011 12:40 PM | Reply

Dear editor,why r u not posting my comments sir,have done now wrong sir...just a bit HORNY...

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