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Shy desi girl kissed tits and pussy exposed by boyfriend in car MMS

Horny desi college couple kissing naked in car during sex foreplay Juicy small tits of Indian college girl fondled inside car by boyfriend
Shy desi girl sitting naked with her boyfriend inside a car kissing him while exposing her juicy tits and choot in this awesome MMS. If you have any memorable fuck inside a car with your partner, please post about the same in the comments.

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Posted by sexyinmyveins
on: July 30, 2011 11:26 PM | Reply

Hey everyone..m going to narrate my story wid my gf.her name is rebecca..story is of time,wen we were on our 1year of relationship.desperate to get place to romance.
Before starting my story,let me introduce rebecca to u.she is 5.2'.her figure is 32-26-32.slim waist,but her arms n biceps are like a punjabi kudi.her smile is a smile to die for.each teeth,placed as it is expected to.her colour pinkish white.her lips,totaly pink.
So let me begin my story,we had decided our limits,so we did everything under our limits.i took rebecca on my dad's car to our non fenced farm house.its like a open farm,where there are lots of snakes,n u cant go there walking.it was around 7pm wen we reached.
After reaching there,we wnt to the backseat of the car.my gf is very shy,kissing her for the first time was like,omg..kar lo yaar,mai bf hu tumhara..
I started kissing on her cheeks,slowly,i reached to her neck.as licking of the neck advanced,her lust began to get out of the limits.then i started sucking her earlobes,he gestures were like sshe's gona rape me now.but these indian girls are so shy.
As we had planned,i removed her top n bra,to see those lovely round shaped tits.her nipples were as pink as her lovely lips..man,i love pink nipples,n i wud dir for it.but as it was dark,i couldnt see'em nicely.i ssucked those wonderful,delicious milky boobs.those were like a heavenly gift for me.coz i got wat i always admired.i made her lie on the seat,n i adjusted myself betn the front n backseats,started to lick her milky white navel.kissing there,i reached her jeans.i removed the button n chain too,slowly removed her jeans..her ssilky black panty was looking like sone pe suhaga.i sstarted to lick her feather thighs.i had never seen any girl in panty before in real life,so i was going dambstruck,n my dick was like dying to tear the boundries.i just kissed her pussy over the panty,n she went mad.she asked me to remove it as she couldnt take me.she had shaved her cunt for this special occasion.i just did wat i had read in an internet article about licking vagina.i teased her to limits by kissing around it,n she took my head,n submurged it into her cunt..these indian cunts,white thighs,n pussy wich gets darker as we reach to the hole,with dark vaginal lips.it makes indian girls look like sex goddes.i started to lick her sweet clits..it was so yummy,i made round and round motions of my tongue around her cunt.it aroused her so much that her vaginal juices were flowing out like molten chocolate,n i was too horny to leave it.i licked every single drop if it..then i made her lie in doggy position.i kissed her white bums..they were perfectly shaped,n the red tint on those milky white bums make me get inside it.i just went straight to the asshole n started to lick it.it sounds dirty wen u hear it,but u actually love it wen u do urself.it was not part of our plan,but it happened out of lust,n we both enjoyed it.while licking her asshole,i was fingering her cunt.it pained her a lot as she was virgin,but she enjoyed me rubbing her g-spot wid force.my finger sound like pach-pach-pach inside it..i took my finger out,n sucked the juices on it..now i was about to cum,but i stopped.i made her sit on my lap,n kissed her again to warm her up.now i knew i cudnt stand my erection for long,so i asked her to suck my penis.she was a bit hesitant,but lust triggered by me right into her pusssy made her suck me off.it was her first time,so she was a bad sucker,i had to teach her.it took me around 10trips to my farm house to make her a pro sucker..after she sucked my dick,i made her to masturbate me,n she kept on doing it even after i came..being masturbated by those soft palms of girls make ur dick feel like king...i really cant forget that first day of my life,wich made me mad behind rebecca.we r still together,its four years long now.but still we do oral on each other,n masturbate each other,but sex is wat we have reserved for our honeymoon..please comment if u liked it..

Posted by shanky
on: July 31, 2011 10:09 AM | Reply

Last weekend I had sex with my girlfriend in my car. I'll cherish that moment all my life. Though we were a bit hesitant in the begining but decided to go with the flow. Having sex in public places gives me a high , I would recomend all to try it atleast once in your life.

Posted, in reply to sexyinmyveins's comment, by sexydarling
on: August 1, 2011 5:05 PM | Reply

thats really good, keep going!! get married soon:-) all the best for ur future!!

Posted by Ganga
on: October 21, 2012 10:45 AM | Reply

I have a boyfriend. I'd love to suck him dry but he is little heristant, he thinks I'm shy but thats not the scenario.

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