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HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

Almost losing control Shekhar untied her legs and pulled off her panties and let Dileep drink in this picture of her swollen pussy. She must have been very turned on by being tied up the second time in her life because she was extremely wet. After pulling her panties the rest of the way off Shekhar gave them to Dileep and told him that he could keep them. He jumped at the sound of Shekhar's voice until he remembered that she couldn't hear anything. After smelling her panties he stuffed them in his pocket. Shekhar left her legs untied. Now she was slowly opening and closing her legs and trying to get some satisfaction. Shekhar got the video camera and tripod from the Closet and began to videotape her like this. He told Dileep to get his cock out and rub it on her leg.
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Joke: Widow going on first date after husbands death

A widow goes on her first date since her husband’s death, and afterward the two end up back at her place. Once in the bedroom, she takes off everything but her black panties.
“You can touch me anywhere else,” she says, “but down there I’m still mourning.”
“I figured as much,” says the man. He then proceeds to pull down his pants and put on a black condom. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to offer my deepest condolences.”

Manipuri popstar Alvina Gonson porn movie video

Manipuri popstar Alvina Gonson lookalike riding cock having sex scandal video Manipur popstar Alvina Gonson fake having sex in odd Kamasutra position
Controversial porn movie video featuring an alleged duplicate of popular Manipuri popstar Alvina Gonson seen stripping the guy and riding his cock before getting fucked in missionary position.

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Uncensored love making scene of Suganthi from Agnipravesham

Mallu softcore queen Suganthi topless showing tits love making scene Sugandhi sitting topless showing juicy boobs after sex
Rare vintage uncensored love making scene of Mallu softcore queen Suganthi seen here with her lover who fondles her juicy tits and kisses her nicely while her husband is away from the movie Agnipravesham.

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Iranian babe fucked doggy style and moaning loudly MMS

Iranian lady in white bra after anal sex

Horny guy fucking Iranian babe doggy style and making her moan loudly and cumming inside her in this hot MMS.

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Desi lady in wet saree showing cleavage and navel pics

Hot cock raising pics of a sexy naughty housewife posing in saree and tight blouse holding her tits and revealing cleavage and navel.

Desi aunty big round ass exposed pics

Hot pics of a well endowed desi aunty posing nude and revealing her big round gaand to her lover.

Sex Advice: Any medicine to make breasts secrete milk without getting pregnant?

Question. I am a 26-year-old woman. I want my breasts to secrete milk, but I don’t want to get pregnant. Also, my breasts are sagging. I want them to be tight. Is there any medicine that can help my breasts secrete milk and also make them tighter and bigger? Please help.

Answer. It is said "if wishes are horses, beggars would ride". Every desire needn’t necessarily get fulfilled. Nature also has its say. No creams etc can increase breast size. I suggest you make do with what you have.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

I took it into my hot mouth and sucked like a lollypop. I tightened my rosy lips on his strong shaft and rolled my hot tongue over and over his big head. He was almost mouth fucking me and in next 2-3 minutes he came into my hungry mouth. I always liked his cum and drank all the juice happily. He then placed me on wall of the bath tub and spreading my legs wide apart he licked my cunt walls and sucked my clit. It was fully erect and half a centimeter in size. He was expert in eating pussy which he always proved. He continued it for good 5 minutes and then made me on all four and to fuck me with his long shaft which had already become very hard.
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Joke: How much penis does a woman get in her lifetime?

A penis is average 6 inches in length.
man fucks average thrice per week.
Numbers of strikes 30 per fuck.
Sex life 20 years.
Women get 6x30x3x52x20=14.4 km of penis.

Mind Blowing Estimate. lolz.

Editor: Dear friends, the above mentioned equation is quite realistic. Please post your thoughts about it in the comments. Thanks.


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