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Mithibai college girl showing tits and pussy pics

Hot pics of a naughty Mithibai college girl from Mumbai showing her tits and pussy.

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Posted by Rahul
on: March 17, 2009 9:15 PM | Reply

Let me tell you Mr. Editor, this could probably be the first best bunch of pics posted in debonairblog in this year. It's understood this sexy girl is a fan of debonairblog and shown utmost courage to showcase her beautiful assets. I salute her for her courage. Ask any male fan of your site, anybody would just love to lick and fuck her. You can just spend your whole life with this beautiful girl. I wish that her mind if as beautiful and sexy as her body is.

Posted by Parveen
on: March 17, 2009 9:29 PM | Reply

What a good boobs with reddish coloured tits?I'll like to lick those tits of her.Pic showing her pussy is not so clear.I hope she is having nice road to heaven behind those hairy bush.

Posted by simon
on: March 18, 2009 3:25 AM | Reply

Beautiful tits, love the pencil type erect nipples, could suck very nicely on them for you.
Mumbai girl pls reply with ur emai address, i wil pay for naked pics of u, have a western union/paypal account so i can send cash.

Posted by madhu
on: March 18, 2009 3:47 AM | Reply

super photos

Posted by andy
on: March 18, 2009 5:01 AM | Reply

Very nice figure. sexy. nips calling me to bite. i really want my mouth all the time doing service to this cunt.

Posted by Ajay
on: March 18, 2009 6:47 AM | Reply

Awesome beauty!!!!

Posted by Rinki
on: March 18, 2009 7:42 AM | Reply

The hairy pussy is so sexy but photo is not sharp. Post more photos that are sharp.

Take some sexy skirt shots of teenagers and girls wearing shorts (knickers). It looks beautiful.

Posted by polash
on: March 18, 2009 12:23 PM | Reply

great view.

Posted by Rohit
on: March 18, 2009 4:53 PM | Reply

I would give u any A+
love your tits and wild pussy.

Posted by Rahul
on: March 19, 2009 3:09 PM | Reply

Long torso girls always look good bare chested, and this girls Nipples are a bonus stand. Loved these pics, only wish the photographer was artistic and matured in clicking nudes, shes worth big bucks for playboy.
Love u babe, u Rock

Posted by tina
on: March 19, 2009 5:47 PM | Reply

im also a coll student n i have pics same like this but i also have my ass n my boobs r bigger. i wud like to post my pictures..how do i do that

Posted by ashwin
on: March 19, 2009 7:56 PM | Reply

shes got lots of pubic hair....

Posted by Daniel
on: March 21, 2009 9:19 PM | Reply

I like your tits and nice tight pussy, Remove the Bush from your cunt he is no longer in power.

Posted by anita
on: March 21, 2009 10:18 PM | Reply

Nice photos .......keep up the good work

Posted by Sam
on: March 22, 2009 10:30 AM | Reply

Awesome pics.

Posted by
on: March 22, 2009 8:32 PM | Reply

Hey Babe -
Request for few more good snaps of your assets !!

Posted by Robert
on: March 23, 2009 9:59 PM | Reply

Nice figure girl. Pubic hair look great on gals though most shave them these days. Gals don't shave ur pussy just trim them, ur body looks more sexy with some hair on pubes. Shoot some sexy skirts and shorts pictures. It gives me full 8 inches.

Posted by prakash
on: March 24, 2009 11:31 AM | Reply

great figure

Posted, in reply to tina's comment, by Ripper
on: March 25, 2009 12:06 PM | Reply

Hi Tina,

Pls send it to me...i vil post them on Debonair blog.....

Posted by Avantika
on: March 26, 2009 12:15 AM | Reply

show your butts yaar,

Posted by razia
on: March 27, 2009 12:31 AM | Reply

lovly tits and beautiful pussy i want to eat this tits and suck this pussy , can it possible......

Posted by yaminee
on: March 30, 2009 11:51 AM | Reply

beautiful pussy, i am happy i have like that.

Posted, in reply to yaminee's comment, by Pussy Ripper
on: April 1, 2009 2:29 PM | Reply

Wouldn't u b more happy to show it to me darling ??

Posted by jackal
on: April 8, 2009 1:49 AM | Reply

she is awesome

Posted by Manav
on: April 13, 2009 11:36 PM | Reply

she does look gorgeous..... but would like to have the back side toooooo to get the feeeling , if possible post it. great girl

Posted by Mike J.
on: June 2, 2009 5:11 AM | Reply

thatz nice!!!

Posted by Akhtar
on: September 17, 2010 11:05 PM | Reply

I love th breast size. Its perfect. In real if i would see this female I would just stare at those sexy big breast

Posted by Michael
on: October 14, 2010 6:31 AM | Reply

I like her tits i feel like to place my cock jerking up and down. Will u marry me for the sake of fucking all time?

Posted by kajal
on: July 10, 2011 8:13 AM | Reply

i ike this call girl to fuck n eat her cunt

Posted by rohan
on: June 19, 2012 3:11 PM | Reply

so vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv hot

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