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Pakistani girl sucking and fucking boyfriend pics

Hot pics of a horny Pakistani girl sucking and fucking with her boyfriend.

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Posted by love
on: January 13, 2009 4:28 PM | Reply

amazing pics,,,
hats off to the lensmen....

Posted by Justin
on: January 13, 2009 4:42 PM | Reply

Awesome round ass !!!

Posted by Adam
on: January 13, 2009 6:17 PM | Reply

To who ever posted this? Can you please make a nice long vid with this sexy women. Where your fucking here pov style like in the second to last pic. Sucking her nipples. Anal if possible. Looks like she creams to alot. Nice pics though, just wish it was a video. Take care.

Posted by rohit
on: January 13, 2009 6:25 PM | Reply

kiya mast lag rhe ha

Posted by vikrant
on: January 13, 2009 6:45 PM | Reply

this is the way i like to fuck....

send the pakistani slut here...

will fuck her harder....

Posted by ali
on: January 13, 2009 8:08 PM | Reply

awesome.... can i fuck her...

Posted by Parveen
on: January 13, 2009 8:41 PM | Reply

Nice sucker she is.It looks she has got lot of experience of sucking.What a sexy round ass?I will like to enter her from behind.She is getting from good sized penis.

Posted by hotsan
on: January 13, 2009 8:46 PM | Reply

nice fucking...... realy exciting.

Posted by nandini
on: January 13, 2009 8:52 PM | Reply

nice boobs. nice fucking.

Posted by sameer
on: January 13, 2009 11:25 PM | Reply

ultimate stuff

Posted by pathfinder
on: January 14, 2009 2:05 AM | Reply

well is this pakaistani
i love have a girl like this
plzzzzzzzz is there some babe who is like her call me.bcz i ose the girl which was in clip....
it is mine u like that she is married and don't have any contact with me...love to wait for any babe reply

Posted by Sania
on: January 14, 2009 2:35 AM | Reply

wow. nice stong and big dick..

Posted by ranja
on: January 14, 2009 3:02 AM | Reply

never seen such a perfect round milky ass, thats one ugly lucky bastard

Posted by salman
on: January 14, 2009 5:31 AM | Reply

simply sexy n juicy body with equally featured rod. Love to c that. thnx for uploading.

Posted by khan
on: January 14, 2009 5:43 AM | Reply

Yar what a perfect pictures,she is really so hot.i dont know how to comment but ur a true lucky person.

Posted by Jatt Punjabi
on: January 14, 2009 6:01 AM | Reply

Wah Bhai Wah!!

Lund Bhi Gadar Aur Fudi Bhi Gadar....Kya figure hai raand ka,, kahan milegi yeh,,

Posted by debonair
on: January 14, 2009 7:29 AM | Reply

what a size! must be giving complete satisfaction

Posted by nar
on: January 14, 2009 10:08 AM | Reply

kya seen hi rey bhai NENOY

Posted by ali
on: January 14, 2009 10:28 AM | Reply

ohh gr8 pics, lady's body is looking hot. I wish he can post video as well.

Posted by Farid
on: January 14, 2009 11:30 AM | Reply

wow hot ass,,, I think she is cheater... The guy have nice dick and the woman is seem found of big dick...may be her husband have a small dick

Posted by Mehar
on: January 14, 2009 11:32 AM | Reply

wow i like this ass.

Posted by M EJAZ
on: January 14, 2009 11:42 AM | Reply

i like sweet girl i need a sweet cute girl reall true firend ship ok very nice

Posted by Art
on: January 14, 2009 12:17 PM | Reply

hot hot hot guy with a nice big dick fucking hot girl with nice booty!

Posted by sharpshooter
on: January 14, 2009 12:41 PM | Reply

lauda to changa dikhata hai ji.kudi di fooli huyi changi pakistani fuddi bhi dikha dete to mazza aa jata ji

Posted by sajal rakshit
on: January 14, 2009 12:46 PM | Reply

very good

Posted by Deuka
on: January 14, 2009 5:03 PM | Reply

Kya LUND hai!!!! Mujhe Chodega kya?? Give mobile no.

Posted by Pakistani
on: January 14, 2009 11:04 PM | Reply

Proud to be a Pakistani!
Great Lund and Great Phudi :-x
Great match!

Posted by nk jain
on: January 14, 2009 11:31 PM | Reply

what a round shaped nice buts and attractive juicy boobs of paki slut.let me have a ride re. i will fuck her with at least 1800 strokes.

Posted, in reply to Sania's comment, by jimmy
on: January 15, 2009 4:37 AM | Reply

do ya like stong/big dick!!!!!!1

come to me i'll make ya so wet!!!!!!!!fck ur ass hardly

Posted by cid
on: January 15, 2009 5:59 AM | Reply

abey ben dey takkey....aadmi hai ki bhalu......

Posted by Deuka
on: January 15, 2009 3:43 PM | Reply

Kya Mota aur Lamba LUND hai.

Posted by Sara
on: January 15, 2009 4:48 PM | Reply

What a pussy splitting COCK !!!! Looks like XXX version of Beauty & the Beast....

Love to play, suck, ride and get drilled by that POLE all day and night long.... Yummmmmmy.

Posted, in reply to Sania's comment, by rohaan
on: January 15, 2009 4:51 PM | Reply

i have cock like this even good frm this dude...

Posted by shipra
on: January 15, 2009 5:16 PM | Reply

wt a lucky girl she is

Posted by asad
on: January 16, 2009 1:47 AM | Reply

wa wa yar amazing pix kia mast lun hai aur kia mast assssssssssss hummmmmmmmmmmm
i want to do same with her

Posted by magnet
on: January 17, 2009 5:50 PM | Reply

Thoughts of sonia is very mast
call me sonia--------

Posted, in reply to Sara's comment, by jamal
on: January 17, 2009 10:54 PM | Reply

Sara jani mujko apna phone no du mere pass ies tarah la LUN hain me apko chodongha hoob.

miyani hoti hi aisi hai saali ko jitna chodne ko milega utna kam padega

Posted by subhash
on: January 18, 2009 2:16 AM | Reply

kya gajab ki chut hai mujhe mil jaye to maja aa jaye

Posted by Sagar K
on: January 18, 2009 4:37 PM | Reply

Shipra, U also a Lucky Girl, I think So!!!

U r more happy, when U do dis..????

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, R u interested.".Shipra.." Kool Name!!!!!!!!!

Posted by raju
on: January 18, 2009 10:19 PM | Reply

get a video of her sucking your cock! then cumming on her beautiful face!

Posted, in reply to shipra's comment, by
on: January 19, 2009 12:30 AM | Reply

aap bhi lucky ban sakte ho ji shipra ji aisa to mere pass bhi hai

Posted by vaneeza
on: January 19, 2009 1:04 AM | Reply

kash mari phudi me b yeh jiye

Posted, in reply to vaneeza's comment, by KHAN G
on: January 20, 2009 12:40 AM | Reply

Vaneeza Tumhe Kash Kehne ki koi Zaroorat nahi he may hoon na:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Posted, in reply to pathfinder's comment, by sana
on: January 20, 2009 4:12 PM | Reply

hi my name is sana and iam like
sexy boys bye

Posted by sahil
on: January 21, 2009 12:54 PM | Reply

kiya me aap ke sath sex kar sakta how

Posted by vrajesh
on: January 21, 2009 3:04 PM | Reply

shipra, vanisha & sara give me ur phone nos. & enjoy life time sex even more harder n stronger then this

Posted, in reply to jamal's comment, by Sara
on: January 22, 2009 5:22 PM | Reply

Agar tumhara lund aisa hi hey to apni pics ehan per post karwao...

Posted by kabir
on: January 31, 2009 12:53 PM | Reply

mujhse chdegi jaaneman mera lund bahut bada hain teri choot ko chalni kar dega or boobs par pani chodega fikr mat karna maa nahi banegi

Posted, in reply to Sania's comment, by Prax
on: February 2, 2009 2:02 PM | Reply

Hi Sania..

I have nice dick.. wanna fuck?

Posted, in reply to pathfinder's comment, by Fred
on: February 7, 2009 9:08 AM | Reply

oy aidee video vi la saanu vi aydee avaaz suna tay shakal vikhaaa

Posted by vanessa
on: April 14, 2009 2:27 PM | Reply

Wow!!!...Such a HUGE and HAIRY dick....I Love such dicks...I wish I had one inside me..!!!! lucky bitch!! m sooo jealous right now!!!

Posted by SHAZIA
on: June 12, 2009 2:16 AM | Reply

wow whta nice lund
i wont this lund
make this way

Posted by vinod
on: July 28, 2010 6:15 PM | Reply

i like pakestani girls

Posted by zee
on: August 2, 2010 11:19 PM | Reply

koi ladki mujh se chudwana chati hai to contect kary m ready to fuck

Posted by abubkr9211
on: August 4, 2010 4:02 AM | Reply

cooool dud i love her pussy
i love ths pixxx thanx for uploading

Posted by Bihari
on: June 29, 2011 10:47 PM | Reply

Kya ya hum log kya nahi the . Mere land suck karogi to kahogi aur i ll fuck u whole night so plz com to me

Posted by Saima
on: November 10, 2011 11:34 PM | Reply

Wao wht a pics i ready to do ds seriously

Posted by sharaabi vdv
on: January 31, 2012 3:23 AM | Reply

oye sania teri chut chodkr khun nikalna chahta hun or boobs pe dant katna chahta hn..

Posted by nasir
on: September 26, 2013 5:37 PM | Reply

I love girls for hard fucking

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