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Sex Advice: The Male G-spot

Que. I've heard guys have a G-spot, but I have no idea where it is or what I should with it. Please help.

Ans. The male G-spot is actually the prostate - a walnut shaped gland located about three inches inside the anal canal, which swells when it is aroused and secretes part of the fluid that makes up semen. When stimulated, the prostate can provide intense pleasure. One way to tantalize this internal hot spot is to stimulate the perineum, the nerve-centric area between his testicles and anus. The prostate gland lies underneath the perineum. So applying pressure externally to this stretch of skin can in turn arouse your G-spot. Use your thumb or knuckle to gently knead the area, especially while performing oral sex. As you start to orgasm, press a little bit harder to really launch into orbit.

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Posted by dick_vagina7
on: May 13, 2008 5:21 PM | Reply

Well you can use your finger to find your g spot. Use a cream or lubricate your finger and insert it in your anus and then make a come here movement with it. When you find something hard there in just keep making the come here movement with your finger while stroking your weenie with your other hand. You will enjoy it as this technique is well tested. You can also use dildo or a butt plug to do this but you need to buy them and finger is free available tool. Its a bit hard to do it with finger as it is a bit deep in but the effort is worth to do. Every guy must try this. Enjoy !!

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