Tamil MILF aunty posing in saree showing navel and boob curves pics

Hot pics of Tamil MILF aunty posing in sarees and tight blouses showing navel belly button and boob curves to tease hubby.

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Police Hunt For Bananas-For-Sex Cult Leader On The Run

Papua New Guinea police are hunting the leader of a sex cult that promised villagers a bumper banana harvest if they engaged in public sex.

The alert was raised after a villager from Yamina in Morobe province walked 12 hours to the nearest town to report the cult's activities.

He told police the cult's leader and his followers have been using threats of violence to force people to have sex in public for the past four months.

The Post Courier reports villagers had been promised their banana harvest would increase every time they fornicated publicly.

Three police officers trekked into the village over the weekend but the leader, identified as Thomas Peli, was able to escape into the bush.

Police reinforcements are being sent to the area.

Sex Advice: Wife getting periods twice a month but no symptoms

Question. I am 32 years old and my wife is 28. We have been married for five years. I have two daughters, one is four years old and the other is three months old. My wife’s period has always been timely, but in the last three months she has been getting her period twice a month. We are concerned that she could be pregnant. However, she doesn’t have other symptoms like back pain, swelling, or itching. Does this point to a disorder?

Answer. It points for her to visit a gynaecologist. Buy a urine pregnancy kit from the chemist and check her urine for pregnancy.

HumanDigest:- Erotic story of the day

We turned on the TV & landed at the love making scene from Band Baaja Baraat as we imitated it. He made me lie on the bed and sucked my lips with somewhat the same intensity as he did in the bathroom. I was losing my sanity in the pleasure I got, but still managed to caress his back and take off his vest to take a revenge of taking off my t-shirt. Now he was all over me, kissing my face, neck, throat, ears, earlobes like a hungry lion.
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Joke: Describe Virginity in 2 words

Describe 'Virginity' in 2 words?
Center Fresh!

Tamil MILF aunty lying pantyless wearing only bra showing ass cheeks pics

Hot pics of naughty Tamil MILF aunty lying pantyless on bed wearing only black bra showing her ass cheeks during foreplay.

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Worlds Biggest Condom - Condomfiere

The French have unveiled their latest weapon in the battle against STDs: a 120-foot helium-filled rubber.

The flying machine is known as "Condomfiere" and a group known as CondomFly are hoping it will be the "Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex." This monster seats three people plus a pilot.

Photo Credit: CondomFly.com

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